This website contains a checklist of the described species of millipedes native to Australia. It is a resource for taxonomists, not an identification guide. (But see the picture-key to the millipede orders found in Australia.)

Millipedes of Australia contains genus pages and species pages. Both kinds of pages have synonymies, and the species pages have distribution overviews and details of type specimens.

Go to a genus page by clicking on the genus name either in the systematic catalogue or the alphabetical list of genera.

Go to a species page by clicking on the species name in the catalogue, in the alphabetical list of species, or in the list of included species that begins each genus entry on a genus page.

The synonymy style used in Millipedes of Australia is a little unusual. Under each genus and species name I have tried to list and annotate all relevant taxonomic publications, even those which contain only an uncommented mention of the name. Please do not copy any synonymy entry into a new publication before checking the work cited. Copying will only repeat any unintended errors I have made, and may result in a longer synonymy than many taxonomists (and many journal editors) will find acceptable.

I have also included on this website a list of millipedes known to be introduced to Australia, again without an identification guide.

If you notice an error or omission in Millipedes of Australia, please email me about it. I would be especially grateful for notice from taxonomists of any new publications relevant to the Australian millipede fauna.

Robert Mesibov
West Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia
robert (dot) mesibov (at) gmail (dot) com
Last update: 31 October 2018 (see below)

    cumulative species numbers

Cumulative number of described, native Australian millipedes.
At the end of 2011, there were ca 700 sorted but undescribed species in Australian museums.
My estimate of the total fauna is 1500-2000 species.


Millipedes of Australia is an alternative to the online Diplopoda checklist in the Australian Faunal Directory (AFD). I compiled the first version of the AFD checklist in 2002 and updated it in 2010-2011. This website contains more taxonomic information than the AFD site, is more frequently updated and offers access to more than 14000 locality records.

The text and data on this website are my own work or compilation, and are copyright under a Creative Commons license (attribution + non-commercial, by-nc). You are welcome to use or copy the information on the Millipedes of Australia website for non-commercial purposes. Please cite the Millipedes of Australia URL in your work together with the date you accessed the information.

Text too big or too small? The text size you see on Millipedes of Australia is based on your browser's default. It has been optimised for old people like me who get eyestrain trying to read tiny letters on high-resolution monitors. To make the text larger or smaller, use the text size controls in your browser.

Latest updates:

2018-10-31 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Equestrigonus, Lissodesmus and Tasmanopeltis
2018-09-07 Finished update of references page
2018-08-06 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Tasmaniosoma
2018-07-25 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Atrophotergum and Paredrodesmus
2018-07-09 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Atrophotergum and Paredrodesmus
2018-06-22 Added Cladethosoma monticola, C. musgravei and C. toowoomba from Mesibov (2018)
2018-05-16 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Dasystigma and Tasmaniosoma
2018-05-15 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Atrophotergum, Lissodesmus and Tasmaniosoma
2018-05-08 Added new Tasmanian record for Amastigogonus orientalis
2018-05-04 Added Lissodesmus nivalis from Mesibov (2018)
2018-04-03 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Amastigogonus, Atrophotergum and Tasmaniosoma
2018-03-31 Added new ZMUC records for species of Akamptogonus, Australiosoma, Gephyrodesmus, Heterocladosoma, Hoplatessara, Orthorhachis, Pogonosternum, Solaenodolichopus and Somethus
2018-03-29 Added key to Polyxenidae from Huynh and Veenstra (2018)
2018-03-28 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Tasmaniosoma
2018-03-27 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Tasmaniosoma
2018-03-20 Added new Tasmanian records for species of Tasmaniosoma
2018-03-09 Added Lophoturus boondallus and L. molloyensis from Huynh and Veenstra (2018)
2018-03-08 Added Phryssonotus australis and P. occidentalis from Huynh and Veenstra (2018)

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