Alphabetical list of native species

Millipedes of Australia is going offline in mid-2019. At the time it is taken offline, the website will be "frozen" (no further updates) and will be archived in the Zenodo public data repository.
The taxonomic information in Millipedes of Australia is now largely replicated in MilliBase, which is a taxonomic catalogue for all the world's millipedes.
This website previously had downloadable TSV and KML files with almost 15,000 locality records for named, native Australian millipedes. All the Tasmanian records are now in the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and most of the non-Tasmanian records can be found either in ALA or GBIF. Please note, however, that records for recently described species may not be listed under the species name in either ALA or GBIF, due to delays in updating of the aggregators' taxonomic look-up tables.
I am retiring from millipede studies in 2019. I am very grateful to the specialists and others who contributed information to Millipedes of Australia over its 13-year lifetime (2006-2019), and I am confident they will offer similar assistance to its global replacement, MilliBase.
— Robert Mesibov, 27 March 2019


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Acladocricus simplex (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Acladocricus transversesulcatus (Verhoeff, 1924) Qld]
Aethalosoma solum Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Agathodesmus adelphus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus aenigmaticus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus agnus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus anici Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus bonang Mesibov, 2013 [Vic]
Agathodesmus bucculentus (Jeekel, 1986) [Qld]
Agathodesmus carorum Mesibov, 2013 [NSW, Vic]
Agathodesmus chandleri Mesibov, 2013 [SA]
Agathodesmus gayundah Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus hahnensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus johnsi Mesibov, 2009 [NSW]
Agathodesmus kerensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus kirrama Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus millaa Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus morwellensis Mesibov, 2013 [Vic]
Agathodesmus parapholeus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus quintanus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus sagma Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus steeli Silvestri, 1910 [NSW]
Agathodesmus summus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus yuccabinensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Ainigmabolus chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Akamptogonus caragoon Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Akamptogonus novarae (Humbert and de Saussure, 1869) [NSW native?, introduced in Tas, WA, overseas]
     [synonyms: Orthomorpha triaina Attems, 1911, Zelanodesmus australianus Chamberlin, 1920]
Amastigogonus danpicola Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus elephas Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus fossuliger Verhoeff, 1944 [Tas]
Amastigogonus hardyi (Chamberlin, 1920) [Tas]
     [synonym: Amastigogonus nichollsii Verhoeff, 1944]
Amastigogonus hellyeri Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus insularis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus michaelsae Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus orientalis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus tasmanianus Brölemann, 1913 [Tas]
Amastigogonus verreauxii (Gervais, 1847) [Tas]
Antichiropus alastairi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus alatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus anconus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus axicius Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus baudini Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus buchanorum Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cavernus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cincinnus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cuspis Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus digitatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus equinus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus exclamatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus fossulifrons Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus framenaui Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus giganteus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus howardi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus humphreysi Shear, 1992 [WA]
Antichiropus incomptus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus inflatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus inopinatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus kealleyi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus lacustrinus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus laticlavius Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus mammillifer Jeekel, 1982 [SA]
Antichiropus minimus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus monacanthus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus nadineae Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus nanus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus paracalothamnus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus rex Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus sagittulus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus saxatilis Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus serratus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus simpulus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus succedaneus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus sulcatus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus variabilis Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus westi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus whistleri Attems, 1911 [WA]
Apocoptogonus fimbriatus Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Apocoptogonus penicillatus Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Archicladosoma magnum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Asphalidesmus allynensis Mesibov, 2011 [NSW]
Asphalidesmus bellendenkerensis Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus carbinensis Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus dorrigensis Mesibov, 2011 [NSW]
Asphalidesmus golovatchi Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Asphalidesmus leae Silvestri, 1910 [Tas]
Asphalidesmus magnus Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus minor Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus otwayensis Mesibov, 2011 [Vic]
Asphalidesmus parvus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Tas]
Asticopyrgodesmus lamingtonensis Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Asticopyrgodesmus maiala Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Atalopharetra bashfordi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra clarkei Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra eberhardi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra johnsi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atelomastix albanyensis Attems, 1911 [WA]
Atelomastix anancita Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix attemsi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix bamfordi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix bonhami Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Atelomastix brennani Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix culleni Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix danksi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix dendritica Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix ellenae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix flavognatha Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix francesae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix gibsoni Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix grandis Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix juliannae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix lengae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix longbottomi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix mainae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix melindae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix montana Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix nigrescens Attems, 1911 [WA]
Atelomastix poustiei Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix priona Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix psittacina Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix rubricephala Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix sarahae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix smithi Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Atelomastix solitaria Jeekel, 2009 [Vic]
Atelomastix tigrina Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix tumula Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atrophotergum bonhami Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum montanum Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum pastorale Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum silvaticum Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum sodalis Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum wurrawurraense Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atropisoma elegans Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Aulacoporus affinis Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Aulacoporus castaneus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Aulacoporus yarrabahnus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Australeuma gladifer Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Vic]
Australeuma golovatchi Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Australeuma jeekeli Golovatch, 1986 [Tas]
Australeuma mauriesi Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Australeuma peckorum Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [WA]
Australeuma simile Golovatch, 1986 [Tas]
Australiosoma clavigerum (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Australiosoma combei Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Australiosoma fulbrighti Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Australiosoma inusitatum Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Australiosoma laminatum Jeekel, 1984 [NSW]
Australiosoma michaelseni (Attems, 1931) [NSW]
Australiosoma nodulosum Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Australiosoma rainbowi Brölemann, 1913 [NSW]
Australocricus diastatus (Chamberlin, 1947) [Qld]
Australocricus glabratus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Australocricus opulentus (Silvestri, 1895) [Qld]
Australocricus perditus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Qld]
Australocricus rotundatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Australocricus sennae (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld]
Australocricus sinuatulus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Qld]
Australodesmus divergens Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Austrostrophus stictopygus Hoffman, 2003 [WA]
Binarcifer superbus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Boreohesperus alcyonis Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Boreohesperus capensis Shear, 1992 [WA]
Boreohesperus curiosus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus delicatus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus dubitalis Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus furcosus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus psittacinus Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Boreohesperus undulatus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus vascellus Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Brochopeltis mediolocus Mesibov, 2015 [NT]
Brochopeltis mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
     [synonym: Brochopeltis mjoebergi queenslandica Verhoeff, 1924]
Bromodesmus catrionae Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus militaris Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus riparius Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus rufus Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Cernethia inopinata Mesibov, 2015 [NSW]
Cladethosoma calcaratum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Cladethosoma cruciatum (Verhoeff, 1937) [NSW]
Cladethosoma forceps (Verhoeff, 1941) [NSW, Vic]
Cladethosoma (Haplethosoma) gladiator Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Cladethosoma inflatum Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Cladethosoma lucidum (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Cladethosoma monticola Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma musgravei Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma toowoomba Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma tortuosum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Cladethosoma trilineatum (Newport, 1844) [NSW]
     [synonyms: Cladethosoma clarum (Chamberlin, 1920), Australiosoma verhoeffi Attems, 1931]
Cladethosoma uncinatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Cyliosoma angulatum (Butler, 1878) [Qld]
Cyliosoma denticulatum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Cyliosoma excavatum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Cyliosoma fraternum (Butler, 1872) [Vic]
Cyliosoma froggatti Silvestri, 1917 [NSW]
Cyliosoma kurandanum Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Cyliosoma larvalis (Butler, 1878) [Qld]
     [synonym: Cyliosoma albertisii (Silvestri, 1895)]
Cyliosoma marginepunctatum (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Cyliosoma mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Cyliosoma pachygon Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Cyliosoma penicilligerum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Cyliosoma penrithense Brölemann, 1913 [NSW]
Cyliosoma queenslandiae Brölemann, 1913 [Qld]
Cyliosoma queenslandicum Verhoeff, 1924 [NSW,Qld]
Cyliosoma sarahae (Moir and Harvey, 2008) [WA]
Cyliosoma sennae Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Cyliosoma sjoestedti Silvestri, 1917 [Qld]
Cyliosoma targionii Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Cyliosoma unicolor Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Cynotelopus notabilis Jeekel, 1986 [WA]
Dasystigma bonhami Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Dasystigma huonense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Dasystigma margaretae (Jeekel, 1984) [Tas]
Dasystigma tyleri Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Desmoxytoides hasenpuschorum Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]
Dicladosoma etheridgei (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW, Vic]
Dicladosomella abstrusa Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella anaticula Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella apparitor Car, 2015 [ACT,NSW]
Dicladosomella arida Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella cerberus Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella claridgei Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella coctilicia Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella cygnea Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella fagina Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella georgii Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella hippica Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella imbrialis Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella mesibovi Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella modesta Jeekel, 2007 [ACT,NSW]
Dicladosomella oraria Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella perplexa Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella pollex Car, 2015 [ACT]
Dicladosomella segmentata Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Dicladosomella vascula Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella vexillifera Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicranogonus pix Jeekel, 1982 [Tas, Vic]
Dimerogonus orophilus Attems, 1903 [NSW,?SA]
Dinocambala ingens Attems, 1911 [WA]
Dysmicodesmus jeekeli Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Equestrigonus tasmaniensis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Eungellosoma leichhardti Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Euryischiogonus barbulatus Jeekel, 2009 [NSW]
Eustrongylosoma transversefasciatum Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Gasterogramma austrinum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma extremum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma imber Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma plomleyi Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma psi Jeekel, 1982 [Tas]
Gasterogramma rusticum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma tarkinense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma wynyardense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gephyrodesmus arcuatus Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Vic]
Gephyrodesmus cineraceus Jeekel, 1983 [NSW, Vic]
Gephyrodesmus coolahensis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Gephyrodesmus regilacus Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Gigantowales chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Gigantowales latescens Jeekel, 2000 [NSW]
Ginglymodesmus penelopae Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Ginglymodesmus sumac Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Ginglymodesmus tasmanianus Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Helicopodosoma bivittatum (Verhoeff, 1924) [WA]
Helicopodosoma melas (Verhoeff, 1924) [WA]
Helicopodosoma vittigerum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Heterocladosoma asperum (L. Koch, 1867) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma bifalcatum (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld, ?introduced in NSW]
Heterocladosoma galaxias Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Heterocladosoma hamuligerum (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma trabeatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Heterocladosoma transversetaeniatum perarmatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Heterocladosoma transversetaeniatum transversetaeniatum (L. Koch, 1867) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma zebratum Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Hoplatessara anulata (Attems, 1931) [NSW]
Hoplatessara clavigera Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW, Vic]
Hoplatessara froggatti (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW]
Hoplatessara luxuriosa (Silvestri, 1895) [NSW, ?Qld; ?PNG]
Hoplatessara musgravei Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Hoplatessara nigrocingulata Jeekel, 1984 [NSW, ?Vic]
Hoplatessara prativaga Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Hoplatessara pugiona Verhoeff, 1941 [NSW, Vic]
Hoplatria clavigera Verhoeff, 1941 [NSW]
Howeosoma carbo Jeekel, 2006 [LHI]
Howeosoma macer Jeekel, 2006 [LHI]
Isocladosoma (Centrocladus) dissimile Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Isocladosoma guttatum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Isocladosoma maculatum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Isocladosoma pallidulum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Iulomorpha pallipes Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Iulomorpha podenzanae Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Julomorpha flagelligera Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Lissodesmus adrianae Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus alisonae Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus anas Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus bashfordi Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus blackwoodensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus catrionae Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus clivulus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus cognatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus cornutus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus devexus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus dignomontis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus gippslandicus Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus grampianensis Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Lissodesmus hamatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus horridomontis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus inopinatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus johnsi Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus latus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus macedonensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus martini (Carl, 1902) [Vic]
Lissodesmus milledgei Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus modestus Chamberlin, 1920 [Tas]
Lissodesmus montanus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus nivalis Mesibov, 2018 [Tas]
Lissodesmus orarius Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus otwayensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus perporosus Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus plomleyi Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus tarrabulga Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lophoturus boondallus Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [QLD]
Lophoturus humphreysi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 2014 [CI]
Lophoturus molloyensis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [QLD]
Lophoturus queenslandicus (Verhoeff, 1924) [QLD; PNG]
Lophoturus speophilus Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 2014 [CI]
Merioproscelum penicilligerum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Mjoebergodesmus annulatus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Monographis queenslandica Huynh and Veenstra, 2013 [Qld]
Myallosoma auritum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Myallosoma hamuligerum hamuligerum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Myallosoma hamuligerum furculigerum Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Neocambrisoma cachinnus Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Neocambrisoma fieldensis Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Neocambrisoma raveni Mauriès, 1987 [NSW]
Nephopyrgodesmus eungella Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Nesiothrix mangana Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Nesiothrix medialis Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Nesiothrix tasmanica (Golovatch, 1986) [Tas]
Noteremus infimus Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Noteremus summus Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Notodesmus scotius Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW, Tas, Vic]
Notopyrgodesmus kulla Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Notopyrgodesmus lanosus Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Notopyrgodesmus weiri Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW, Vic]
Orthorhachis catherinae Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis cavatica Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Orthorhachis celtica Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis christinae Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis durabilis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Vic]
Orthorhachis gloriosa Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis inflata Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis jubata Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis kerewong Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis monteithi Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis oresbia Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Orthorhachis pallida Jeekel, 1985 [Qld]
Orthorhachis paradoxalis Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Orthorhachis serrata Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis tallagandensis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis vinnula Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Orthorhachis weiri Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis yabbra Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Qld]
Paraustraliosoma malandense (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Paredrodesmus aceriodendron Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus australis Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus bicalcar Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus monticolus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus purpureus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus taurulus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paurodesmus acutangulus Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Paurodesmus sjoestedti (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Perittogonopus perplexus Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Peterjohnsia basimontana Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia ludovicensis Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia summa Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia titan Shear and Mesibov, 1994 [Tas]
Phryssonotus australis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [Tas, Vic]
Phryssonotus novaehollandiae (Silvestri, 1923) [NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA]
Phryssonotus occidentalis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [WA]
Phyllocladosoma andersoni (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Phyllocladosoma annulatipes (Verhoeff, 1924) [NSW,Qld]
Phyllocladosoma broelemanni (Verhoeff, 1941) [Qld]
Phyllocladosoma dorrigense (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Podykipus affinis Verhoeff, 1924 [WA]
Podykipus collinus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Podykipus leptoiuloides Attems, 1911 [WA]
Pogonosternum adrianae Jeekel, 1982 [Vic]
Pogonosternum jeekeli Decker in Decker et al., 2017 [NSW, Vic, Tas]
Pogonosternum laetificum Jeekel, 1982 [Vic]
Pogonosternum montanum Decker in Decker et al., 2017 [NSW, Vic]
Pogonosternum nigrovirgatum (Carl, 1902) [Tas, Vic]
Polydesmus gervaisi Lucas, 1840 ['Nouvelle Hollande']
Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) innotatus Karsch, 1881 [SA]
Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) sagittarius Karsch, 1881 [NSW]
Procophorella bashfordi Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Procophorella innupta Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Procyliosoma andersoni (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Procyliosoma aurivillii Silvestri, 1917 [Qld]
Procyliosoma castaneum (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Procyliosoma dorrigense (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Procyliosoma leae Silvestri, 1917 [Tas]
Procyliosoma tasmanicum Silvestri, 1917 [Tas]
Procyliosoma walesianum (Karsch, 1881) [NSW]
Propolyxenus australis Short and Huynh, 2010 [SA, Tas, Vic]
Propolyxenus forsteri Condé, 1951 [NSW,Tas,Vic; NZ]
Proporobolus consimilis (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Proporobolus falcatus (Silvestri, 1897)) [Qld]
Proporobolus scobinula (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Proscelomerion serratum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus crater Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus kirrama Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus monteithi Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus panporus Blower and Rundle, 1980 [Qld]
Pseudostrongylosoma sjoestedti Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma daviesae Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma major Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma monroei Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma tarkinensis Shear and Mesibov, 1995 [Tas]
Reginaterreuma unicolor Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma victorianum Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Vic]
Rhinosiphora mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Rhinosiphora nasuta (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Rhinosiphora nodulosa (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Rhinotus michaelseni (Attems, 1911) [WA]
Rhinotus mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Salpidobolus brevipes (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Salpidobolus coeruleolimbatus (Daday, 1891) [Qld]
Salpidobolus crepidatus (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Salpidobolus fasciculatus (Voges, 1878) ["New Holland"]
Salpidobolus faucium (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Samichus attemsii Verhoeff, 1944 [WA]
Samichus decoratus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Setoisenoton pallidus Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Siphonotus brevicornis Pocock, 1903 [Vic]
Siphonotus flavomarginatus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Siphonotus latus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Solaenodolichopus pruvoti (Brolemann, 1931) [Qld; introduced in SA, WA]
     [synonym: Solaenodolichopus annulatus Verhoeff, 1941]
Solaenodolichopus rubriventris (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW, Qld]
Solaenodolichopus sulcatus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Solaenodolichopus teres (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Solaenodolichopus vittatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
     [synonym: Solaenodolichopus vittatus dorsalis (Verhoeff, 1924)]
Solaenodolichopus walesius (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
     [synonym: Parwalesoma castaneum Verhoeff, 1937]
Somethus biramus Jeekel, 1984 [NSW, Vic]
Somethus castaneus (Attems, 1944) [SA]
     [synonyms: Oncocladosoma castaneum ingens Jeekel, 1985,
      Oncocladosoma clavigerum Jeekel, 1985, Oncocladosoma conigerum Jeekel, 1985]
Somethus flavipes Jeekel, 2007 [NSW]
Somethus fuscipes Chamberlin, 1920 [Australia]
Somethus grossi Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Somethus inflatus (Jeekel, 2002) [SA]
Somethus lancearius Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
Somethus mesibovi Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Somethus scopiferus Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
     [synonym: Somethus modicus Jeekel, 2002]
Somethus tasmani Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Speleostrophus nesiotes Hoffman, 1994 [WA]
Sphaerotherium convexum C.L. Koch, 1847 ["New Holland"]
Sphaerotrichopus cornutus Verhoeff, 1936 [WA]
Sphaerotrichopus ramosus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Spirobolellus australianus (Chamberlin, 1920) [NSW]
Spirobolellus bivittatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Spirobolellus dorsovittatus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Spirobolellus gemellus Jeekel, 2003 [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus granularis Jeekel, 2003 [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus immigrans (Chamberlin, 1920) [Australia]
Spirobolellus insularum (Verhoeff, 1928) [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus kurandanus Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Spirobolellus lugubris (L. Koch, 1865) [NSW]
Spirobolellus mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Spirobolellus scheltemai Jeekel, 2002 [Qld]
Spirobolellus sjoestedti (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Spirostreptus impressopunctatus L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Spirostreptus maritimus L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Stenischiogonus bacillifer Jeekel, 2009 [NSW]
Streptocladosoma albovittatum Jeekel, 1980 [Qld]
Streptocladosoma dissimile Jeekel, 1980 [Qld]
Streptocladosoma solum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Strongylosoma dubium L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Strongylosoma nigrum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma petersii L. Koch, 1865 [NSW]
Strongylosoma quaesitum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma robustior Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma rubrimarginatum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma rubripes L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Strongylosoma semoni Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Stygiochiropus communis Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Stygiochiropus isolatus Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Stygiochiropus peculiaris Shear and Humphreys, 1996 [WA]
Stygiochiropus sympatricus Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Talomius weldensis Mesibov, 2019 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma alces Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma anubis Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma armatum Verhoeff, 1936 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma aureorivum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma australe Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma barbatulum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma bruniense Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma cacofonix Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma clarksonorum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma compitale Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma decussatum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma fasciculum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma fragile Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma gerdiorivum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma hesperium Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma hickmanorum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma interfluminum Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma laccobium Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma maria Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma nicolaus Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma orientale Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma warra Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmanocambala greeni Mesibov, 2019 [Tas]
Tasmanocambala tasmanica Mesibov, 2019 [Tas]
Tasmanocambala taylori Mesibov, 2019 [Tas]
Tasmanodesmus hardyi Chamberlin, 1920 [Tas]
Tasmanopeltis grandis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Taxidiotisoma portabile Mesibov and Car, 2015 [NSW; introduced in Tas, Vic]
Thaumaceratopus cervinus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Thaumaceratopus elongatus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Tholerosoma corrugatum Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]
Tholerosoma monteithi Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]
Tridactylogonus obscurus Jeekel, 1982 [SA]
Tridactylogonus rugosissimus Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
Tridactylogonus warrenbenensis Mesibov, 2017 [SA]
Trigoniulus burnetticus Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Trigoniulus comma Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Trigoniulus formosus Silvestri, 1895 [Qld]
Trigoniulus hebes Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Trigoniulus hemityphlus Verhoeff, 1924 [SA]
Trigoniulus insculptus blackalensis Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Trigoniulus insculptus insculptus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Trigoniulus montium Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Unixenus attemsi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin and Condé, 1967 [SA,Vic,WA]
Unixenus barrabaensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Unixenus carnarvonensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [WA]
Unixenus corringlensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Unixenus corticolus Short and Huynh, 2011 [NSW, Tas, Vic]
Unixenus karajinensis Short and Huynh, 2011 [WA]
Unixenus mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld,WA]
Unixenus myallensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Victoriocambala bidentata Jeekel, 2009 [Vic]
Victoriocambala buffalensis Verhoeff, 1944 [Vic]
Victoriombrus acanthus Mesibov, 2004 [Vic]
Victoriombrus seminudus Mesibov, 2004 [Vic]
Walesbolus lobatus Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Walesbolus rainbowi (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW]
Walesoma helmsii Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW, Qld]
Zephronia glaberrima Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Zygostrophus alterans Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Zygostrophus digitulus digitulus (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
     [synonym: Prionopeza serrulata Attems, 1953]
Zygostrophus digitulus richmondanus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Zygostrophus ferruginopes Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Zygostrophus targionii (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld]
Zygostrophus urallanus Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]